Our Brands

We produce complementary solutions with our many different brands.

As Zerpak Ambalaj, one of the main goals in our roadmap is to establish sustainable value for our stakeholders. Therefore, we have conducted our operations around this goal since our establishment. The contribution of our stakeholders enables maintaining our competitive position and increasing the added value of the projects we implement.

Star Home is a brand that follows fashion, colors and trends in the plastic kitchenware category. Star Home is a brand that stays new with updated production and made a name for itself in the kitchen at home.
Click to see the products www.starplushome.com 

With its Valuable Brand vision, Vioraplast, which has a wide product range in the cooking, storage and cleaning categories, especially in special production bin bags, is on the market with the slogan "your need". Click to see our products. www.vioraplast.com

Click here to see the products of Star Plus, the rising star, which have penetrated many areas with their economical price structure and extensive distribution channels, especially for industrial bin bags, household bin bags, plastic bathroom products, cleaning and mop products. www.starplus.com