3.000 M2+
Zerpak Ambalaj produces over 5400 tons of garbage bags of various quality and standards annually for its domestic and foreign consumers, by producing solutions that will entrust today's world to tomorrow, in a closed area of ​​5500 square meters, with over 100 personnel who are experts in their fields.

Who are we ?

Zerpak Ambalaj was established in Kıraç Istanbul in 2011 to counter the need for industrial waste bin bags. With the brand and machinery investments it has made over the years, the main focus of the company is the production of bin bags, mops and duct tape.As Zerpak Ambalaj, responsibility for environmental awareness is our first priority. In this context, our company offers special solutions to its customers with its core values such as reliability, flexibility, innovation and sustainability.

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We meet expectations quickly.

We generate solutions, not excuses

The Starplus Brand Meets its Consumers

Starplus, industrial and professional, waste bin bags...

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Zerpak Ambalaj Moved to its New Facility

Zerpak Ambalaj is increasing its production capacity...

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The Vioraplast Brand was Launched

Based on the motto "Your Need"...

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Vioraplast’s First Product is on the Shelves!

Vioraplast's first product, the Drawstring Bin Bag...

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The Starhome Brand Meets its Consumers

In the category of plastic kitchenware...

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Our Brands

We produce complementary solutions with our many different brands.

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Star Home is a brand that follows fashion, colors and trends in the plastic kitchenware category.

With its Valuable Brand vision, Vioraplast, which has a wide product range in the cooking, storage and cleaning categories

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