About us


Zerpak Packaging was established in 2011 in Kıraç, Istanbul to meet the need for industrial waste garbage bags. With the brand and machinery investments it has made over the years, today it mainly operates in the production of garbage bags, maps and duct tape. As Zerpak Packaging, environmental responsibilty awareness is our first priority. In this context, our company offers customized solutions to its customers with its core values such as reliability, flexibilty, innovation and sustainability.

Founded in 2011 in Istanbul Kıraç in a closed area of 1600 square meters in 2011, Zerpak Ambalaj today produces over 450 tons per month with more than 100 employees in a closed area of 5500 square meters in the Hadımköy factory an ensures that its products meet with consumers at home and abroad.

Zerpak Established

Founded in 2011 by ZERGRUP, Zerpak Packaging started garbage bag production in Istanbul Kıraç.

Starplus Brand Available for Sale

Zerpak Ambalaj created the Starplus brand and started the production of waste garbage bags.

Starplus At Houses

Production of household standard garbage bags was started as Star Plus Brand.


    One of the most fundamental values of our company is based on a people-oriented approach. Our understanding of valuing people reflects our effort to recognize and develop the potential of our employees, our customers and every member of society. We aim to create value by investing in our human resources through cooperation, transparency and creating a fair working environment.


    As a company, we adopt the principles of continuous development and innovation. We closely follow technological advances and develop creative solutions to best meet customer needs. By supporting innovation, we demonstrate a continuous forward-looking approach both in our internal processes and in the products and services we offer.


    The principle of trustworthiness towards our customers and business partners forms the basis of our way of doing business. We aim to maximize customer satisfaction by adhering to the quality standards we promise, on-time delivery and honest communication. We bear the responsibility of being a reliable business partner and aim to establish trust-based relationships at every stage.

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