Our Quality Policy

Our quality policy is based on delivering the highest level of customer satisfaction with the quality of the produced packaging based on efficiency and environmental protection, and reflecting this on its customers and employees. Fulfilling the legal requirements related to quality is to gain the trust and preference of the customer. At Zerpak Ambalaj we believe that responsibility for quality is everyone’s responsibility. With the belief that quality products are produced by quality people, prioritizing training has been adopted as the main target.As the leading and pioneering company in the sector, we use our role as a standard setter to ensure the highest benefit for our customers in presenting their products to the market in a competitive, robust and reliable manner.While doing this, we aim to reduce our costs, make our growth sustainable, and secure our common future by analyzing our processes, risks and opportunities. In line with the vision of the company, we aim to establish and manage competitive processes that are exemplary with works based on the philosophy of total quality and giving importance to team spirit. Carrying out continuous improvement studies effectively for a result-oriented, value-creating company with high social responsibility and brand value and establishing systems to this end is one of the priorities of the company.