Human Resources

⦁    Our most important key to success is people.
⦁    Prioritize the motivation of our employees and their commitment to Zerpak.
⦁    Follow a transparent and open management policy for our employees.
⦁    Prioritize the development of our employees at every stage and level, invest in people continuously.
⦁    Ensure the continuous development of our employees and continue to contribute to company goals such as "efficiency", "profitability", "customer satisfaction".
⦁    Maximize the productivity of our employees with career planning.
⦁    Reward high performance and support the development of performance that is below expectations.
⦁    Create a suitable environment for employees to develop personally and professionally.
⦁    The employee profiles that comprise our human resources are open to change and development, love their jobs, believe in teamwork and team spirit, have ethical values, are customer-oriented and have a high sense of social responsibility.